ASPS The Meeting 2013

11 Oct, 2013
ASPS The Meeting 2013

San Diego, USA

Plastic Surgery The Meeting was held in San Diego on October 11-15 2013 and offered an outstanding mix of cosmetic and reconstructive topics.
Dr Andjelkov presented a part of her doctorate study and showed results in correction of lower eyelid retraction after blepharoplasty in section dedicated to facial esthetics together with Dr Constatian, Dr Matarasso and others. The presentation was very successful because of it’s novel approach, never presented before.


Prof. Sforza had two papers to present, both about breast augmentation. One was a study dedicated to findings and solutions for problems caused by PIP implants. The other presentation was about recent problems with Biocel shell implants. He reviewed more than 22,000 breast augmentation procedures and compared complication rates with several implants’ brands. The high incidence of “double capsule” was one of his conclusions. The audience was crowded, with some important people from implant industry as well…